Laacke and Joys section (final)

Here are some final images of the install on the Laacke and Joys boat house wall. While I am not tickled about the LJ signage (it is temporary), it does cloud the intention and meaning of the fragments placed adjacent to it.

In a sense, this is another act of cession: Laacke and Joys allowed use of their wall for this project, which I used to create my piece (and thereby claimed an "ownership" of the space), but then L&J installed their signage, re-possessing the space for their own use. While this gets away from the discussion of building demolition and ownership of the Park East Corridor, it does in a sense, get to the essence of the concept of cession and ambiguity of possession of space.

The fragments are some of the footprints of buildings removed for the freeway construction. Across the street, the south-most billboard depicts these as well, contextualized within a map of the area.

In this context, without mapped markers, the meaning of fragments becomes ambiguous, unclear as to whether or not it is advertisement. Certainly this was the case while I was installing the piece, as the few people who approached me most often asked if I was installing 'signage' for Laacke and Joys. To be sure, it acts in this manner - calling attention to the building and Laacke and Joys and to that end, I am curious to see whether it attracts graffiti before the companion billboards across the street.