I contacted Diggers Hotline and the city department that deals with underground utilities location and am waiting for them to mark the site. According to the hotline, I cannot dig until the site has been marked; if I do and damage some line (be it gas, electric, sewer or whatever) I have to pay for the damage. The city official I spoke with mentioned that he knew for sure that there are sewer lines on that land that are 3 feet below the surface, which is the depth we will be digging to, so it behooves us all to wait. The fellow I spoke with said he would try to expedite the process, but could not guarantee it - the typical process takes three days. This said, I still will be working tonight and will need a couple hands (you are free to join if you just want to hang out and meet the other volunteers, too):

In my studio this evening I will be continuing with pre-cutting and drilling. The lumber also will need to be moved to the site - I am waiting to hear back about storing this at Laacke and Joys. The other thing that needs to be accomplished tonight is to stake out the build area and post locations - this will save some time once we get to the site to begin digging and it will help the city locator to do his job, too.