build schedule for cede

Many thanks again to those who have agreed to participating and volunteering on this project - I am so incredibly grateful for your help. For those who have not expressed a desire to help, but are interested - even if just for a couple hours - please let me know. Or, just show up!

Work, generally, will begin at 6PM on the corner of Broadway and Water, across from Laacke and Joys. I will provide snacks and beverages, but feel free to bring something to share, too. On Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, work can begin at any time, but most people have confirmed for the evenings - if you have day times available, let me know.

Okay, here is how the activities are shaping up:

The week of the 14th-17th will be primarily occupied by the construction of the billboard frames/supports.
This will involve - digging holes for the posts (Tues) ---- minimum 4-5(+) people
- roughing out the frame (Tues/Wed) ---- minimum 4-5(+) people
- setting and plumbing the posts (Tues/Wed) ---- minimum 4-5(+) people
- setting the braces and finishing the frame (Wed/Thu/Fri) ---- minimum 3-4(+) people

I am confident we can accomplish this part of the project over four days; the structure is not complex, but it will require joint effort for digging, lifting and securing the posts and braces. Be sure you have a pair of work gloves and some shoes that protect your feet - I have plenty of safety glasses that I can provide. I will be renting a two-man hole digger as well (unless someone has a power hole digger to lend...).

The week of the 20th-23rd will be focused on the vinyl print billboards, which are scheduled to arrive on July 20.
This will involve - hanging the vinyls (Mon) ---- minimum 4-6(+) people
- marking the cuts (Mon/Tues) ---- minimum 2-3(+) people
- cutting perforations (Tues/Wed) ---- minimum 4-6(+) people - the more we have, the better!
- attaching cut pieces to Laacke and Joys boathouse (Tues/Wed/Thu) ---- minimum 2-3(+) people

This phase of the project will be the most time-consuming, but the easiest to enter into, regardless of experience or time commitment.

If you are interested in participating, please contact me at this email: