cede - final written proposal

Final Proposal for ‘cede:’
IN:SITE Park East Corridor Project
Annushka Gisella Peck

28 May 2009

cede: is a term that explains the act of relinquishing power or property; often in international parlance, it refers to treaty exchange. In either case, the impression is given that the exchange is voluntary, which may or may not be the case.
By placing a billboard onto a fallow property, one which carries in its history several instances of apparent cession, the land will again been ceded, but in this case, temporarily and visually - or apparently so. In this instance, it is not clear to whom, or what interest the land has been ceded.

The piece will act as a foil to discuss and consider the ideas of fragmentation and multiplication that occur as a result of exchanges of land and place. The final piece will be a culmination of my investigation into the history of the area and a reflection of its current state - what has been removed, contributed, expanded and relocated. cede: will also will serve as an invitation to further explore the drawn history and physical space of the Park East Corridor and an opportunity for participants to draw from that experience to contemplate its history, present state and unresolved future. Experience of the piece is designed to be variable.

Primary visual of this project will consist of one pair of billboards set at a shallow angle to one another, each bearing an inverted and perforated vinyl mesh print depicting reconstructed maps of the area. The frame would be constructed of wood and be equipped with motion-sensing solar security lights. The entire structure will be secured by means of anchored main posts and additionally tethered (inconspicuously) with guy lines and heavy-duty steel stakes. The structure located adjacent to the sidewalk south of the roadway. There are two possible additions, which will involve larger or additional spaces, one involving one re-drawing the space, another creating a reflection on an adjacent space.
By day, the billboards will function much the same as development signage - generally only interesting enough to merit a glance, except that their orientations will be inverted - a form that faces backwards and an image that is familiar, but fragmented and must be re-oriented to be deciphered.
By night, the role of the billboard will change to that of sentinel - an observer of that which passes by. Any movement crossing the infrared beam of the motion lighting system will cause the lights to turn on for a range of five to thirty seconds. The light will pass through any perforations on the vinyl billboard and illuminate the ground on the interior of the lot, multiplying light, movement and shadow.