the dumpster relocation project is a project investigating nomadism, site, visibility and liminal space surrounding the art object and its context or environment. begun as an off-shoot from an installation which took place at this spring's art chicago, this project will run as long as there are enough elements remaining to relocate and re-display.

the form of the project, that of a wall and dumpster constructed of sheetrock is representative of ubiquity found in contemporary culture - a uniformity which allows such spaces to recede into the background and go unnoticed. as was the case at art chicago, the largest form of the piece (measuring roughly 8' x 8') was so well integrated into its environment that half of it became hidden by a cafe wall which was built after my initial installation. the images, from top to bottom, are the initial installation and art chicago's modifications to the space.

the art chicago piece, titled 'dumpster' was created to reflect the history the the original location of art chicago, which was situated on butler field in grant park on the shore of lake michigan. the history of that space was steeped in garbage, literally, as that area is not the original shore, but rather a beautified landfill, product of the great fire of 1871 and years of landscaping. the piece was also created to mimic the temporary built space of events like art chicago, events that are fa├žades of permanence and stability and generate mass amounts of waste throughout their construction, use and deconstruction.