report no.1 from the roger brown memorial trailer

the shape of the world, here in culver city, is not what i had expected. it is surprisingly calm.

i had forgotten the pleasantness of the west coasts warm, dry days and perfectly cool nights for sleeping - the hot, sticky nights of the midwest await my return to milwaukee. i'm sure there will be plenty.

now, culver city - sounds like something you'd hear in a musical, right? close. it is the home to what used to be mgm studios, now sony. for a motion picture town, it is surprisingly unpretentious - but perhaps i am just on the right side of venice blvd. there is a great argentinian bakery up the street - phenomenal pastry dough - called grand casino. there is an east indian food stand/grocery just around the corner, too. i got a case of mangos there the other day and some great curry. certainly, there is more to culver city than a couple places to eat, but i am still exploring.

tomorrow, i go out looking for gardens... and fresh fruit to glean!!